The Concept

We currently live in a Creator's Economy. The internet and social media has enabled millions of people to take their passions to a new level. So many people are starting podcasts, garage side-hustles, or selling their services on line part time.

Minor League Studios is meant to be a place to all these creators to come together and build a network.

A creatice Co-op!

  • Have an internet presence; at a fraction of the cost!

    Building, Maintinaing, and paying for a webiste can be expensive and time consuming. And for most small time content creators & side hustlers more than they need. They simply need a page to inform and update thier fans; as well a place to sell their merch and products.

    For less than half of what a website would cost, they can become part of the Minor League Studio team!

  • How it works.

    After contacting us via the JOIN page, we will respond to get more information on what you want to promote on Minor League Studios and how we can best serve you.

    From there, we will set up your page and store front. Then away you go! Let your listeners you now have a webpage for them to check out as well as a spot that they can support your efforts!

  • Be part of the network!

    There is certainly power in numbers! As part of Minor League Studios, you will be part of a network of other passionate creators.

    Together, we can swap ideas, share experiences, provide support in knowledgable areas, and particapate in group learning events.

    Minor League studios is about building community over competition!

  • Offer you services.

    Do you have experince in production, graphic design, screen printing, editing, ect? Want to make some extra money providing your services on the side? Promote your services on Minor League Studios for free!

  • How Much Is it to Join?

    After a small intial fee to set up your page and add up to ten items into your store; the monthly member starts around $10 a month. Saving you over $300 a year vs building your own website!

    More info on fees 
  • What can I sell in my store?

    You can sell almost anything!

    Do you build custom products? Sell them on your page!

    Have a podcast or youtube channel? Sell your fans merch! We even provide access to a print on demand merchandise services with thoughts of available products!

    You can even simply offer a plave for you fans to donate a couple bucks and show you some love!!

  • Is There a fee for selling my products?

    No! We want you to benifit from being a part of Minor League Studios to the fullest! The only fee for selling you products through your store is small fee the gets charged to us for processing payments. You keep everything else & we will transfer it to you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly!

  • How do I get in contact with other members?

    We are currently working on what platform we want to go with to have a private, members only forum!

    More Info on that as we grow!

  • Have more questions or want more info?

    Feel free to reach out to with any questions!